Are You Fond of Cougar? Here Are Tips to Consider to Make Your Way

Posted by | Dec 17, 2021

Are You Fond of Cougar? Here Are Tips to Consider to Make Your WayAre you interested in Cougar? Well, you are not alone. And, there is nothing wrong with that. Every person indeed has their own orientation. Just like other niche, there are characteristics that differ cougar dating from the common dating. And if you want to find a cougar, there are easy tips that can help you to achieve what you want. Without further ado, let's dig in.

What types of cougar you want to date?

There are two types of cougars: alpha cougars, and beta cougars. Alpha cougars are independent, intelligent, ambitious and don't need man to support them. In fact, they tend to support their men financially. The beta cougars are the opposite. They are feminist, more submissive, and more dependent. They seek emotional and physical validation from men. You might want to conduct deeper research on these types before deciding. You can absolutely find them in your favorite cougar dating sites.

You need efforts

Joining with particular cougar dating site is easy. But to meet your best match, it is something else. Cougars have years of experience. They are mature and have a lot of ways to read people. So, if the cougar dating app is something where you can take cougars easily, you are wrong. They have so much self-respect. So, it will be struggle to reserve a perfect match for you. It will take times and efforts. You might even experience some rejections in the process.

Don't mess with them

Again, cougar dating sites are not places where you can play around. Some guy are meeting with many girls, only to rearrange because something better crosses their paths. We hope that you are not categorized as them. Cougars know this term. Therefore, you can get rejected easily if you are not treating them with courtesy. Don't expect them to give you a second chance. It is important to think twice before you act with your cougars.

True compliment always works

Whether they are alpha or beta cougars, they are yearning to feel desirable again. Here is where you can enter from the cougar dating app you have picked online. Don't hesitate to make your match feel sexy and desirable. Compliment her and make her feel good about themselves. You will gain a lot.

Tease them online

If you're looking for cougar online, it does not hurt to make foreplay with them online.

You may ask why and you'd probably think that it is a creep. Well, not at all. Most cougars want that! Use the site's means of communication to flirt with them through text, mail, or even video calls.

Hope the tips above can inspire you and let us know if they work for you.