Cougar Dating - What Older Women Should See Before Dating Younger Men

Posted by | May 25, 2017

What Older Women Should See Before Dating Younger MenIf you go few years back, you might find this relationship of older women dating a younger man odd but not in this era. Older men having relationship with younger girls has always been accepted from ages, probably because financially stabled men could easily get their desired girl. Younger girls are willing to fall into a sugar daddy dating relationship. But now the things are changing rapidly, as women are becoming more successful in business and are becoming more stable financially; so they are also getting into relationships with younger men. Usually they start up with online cougar dating and develop their relationship through cougar dating sites, but there are some points which older women should see before going further.

Check that whether he starts a cougar relationship with you for your money.

First thing to see is that the guy you are dating is not after your money. Keep a check on his conversation, does he talk much about your business or he asks about your work routine? See that every time after the dinner he lets you pay the bill without any hesitation. If you see him all the time having problems which can be solved only by money then try to stay away from him or be careful before getting involved seriously.

Check that whether he truly loves you.

Is he truly in love with you or he is just with you to make his ex-girlfriend jealous? If he takes you for a date and there he introduces you to a girl and becomes more romantic then before, or his behavior gets changed, then there is something fishy. If it happens often then there is no doubt that he is using you to jealous that girl and probably will leave you for her. You can search for a reliable dating service and find the solution of your problem.

Check that whether he is a 'mama's boy'.

Make sure he is not a 'mama's boy' if he is, this relationship will not go longer or you might have problems more than joy. There is nothing wrong in being a family oriented man, but in such families, especially mothers do not accept this kind of relationship so it's better to take a U turn in the relationship because you want a boyfriend not a baby to adopt.

Check that whether he is OK with your kids.

If you are a single parent, then see if he is OK with your kids? If he is not comfortable with your kids, do not proceed in your relationship.

Check that whether he is honest to you.

If you see any of these points, then be cautious and find the solution. If you know the guy through any cougar dating site, do not talk about your financial resources online. Ask him about his family and previous relationships and tell him about your kids if you have any, then see his response.

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