Helpful Tips to Find a Cougar

Posted by | Jun 20, 2017

Helpful Tips to Find a CougarIt is neither rare nor surprising to see an older woman and younger guy date and enjoy a very intense romantic and sexual relationship, which defies the usual "older man, younger woman" situation we are accustomed to. If there is anything that Demi More and Aston Kutcher's relationship taught us is, we can date the older women we want for a very long time – or at least until we get bored.

Nevertheless this scenario is still sort of taboo even in today's liberal world, but that just makes it all the more exciting and enticing. It also makes cougar dating sites so useful when learning how to find cougars. We all have our reasons for wanting to know how to find cougars that are 5, 10 or even 15 years older that we are.

What You Are Doing Wrong

Rather than feel sorry for yourself when she says no, focus on the things you are not doing right, and seek to improve continually in those areas. Below are ways you might be making your search harder that it has to be.

Getting Mat At Yourself When Learning How To Find Cougars

When it comes to how to find cougars, it is up to you to create enough attraction to move things forward. However, how the interaction will go also has much to do with her, so never get mad at yourself because she rejected you. If your attempt to get her attention fails, it is very likely it has nothing to do with you. There are a million ways why an older woman can say no to you. Perhaps she is already in a relationship, having a bad day, sick or in a rush to somewhere important. She could also be swinging the other way, or maybe you remind her too much of her little brother. Just think of the many things you have going on in your life right now, and then imagine she has just as many. Thus, the most important thing when it comes to how to find cougars is to realize, her rejection is not necessarily because you are not a great guy, but because other factors are at play. Keep your cool and live to fight another day.

Spending All Your Time in Bars and Not Looking Online

Let's be honest; it can take a ton of time to meet single women. You have to get ready, get to the bar and spend a few hours talking to women if there are even any singles there. We have all had nights where we go to the wrong place, and it is nothing but a bunch of guys hoping some women show up. If you value your time, you need to be online as well as out on the town. A huge number of singles women, especially older women, have given up on the bars and are only looking online, looking for the best cougar dating app to find young, cool guys.

Giving Up Too Quickly When Learning How To Find Cougars

Just like mastering other skills, knowing how to find cougars has a learning curve, which can be uncomfortable. Being turned down can be an unpleasant and painful experience for men. The good news is that it is totally worth the effort. For every guy that works through the uneasiness and takes action, there are probably twenty guys who get paralyzed with fear imaging, "what if she says no." You do well to remember that you are going to deal with women all your life whether you like it or not, so there is no downside to getting better at interacting with them. If you do not get her number at the first meeting, then maybe she is not the home run on the first meeting type of woman. However, that should not quench your spirits. Now you are on her radar, so the next time you interact, she might soften a little. You also have more experience at how to find cougars.

Believing Her Attraction Is Based On Physical Attention Alone

Don't get it twisted; older women love younger guys especially because they are good-looking, in shape and full of energy. However, looks are not as important to them as they are to you. All women make their mating decisions primarily based on feelings, emotion and internal intuition. While we often go for just looks, women use an entire range of indicators and values that are usually intrinsic and internal to each man and are intuited rather than considered consciously by the woman. These are mainly strength, character and perceived value, which are enhanced by various behaviors such as confidence, fun and proactive actions. If you want to know how to find cougars, work on these things as often as you hit the gym.

If you can avoid these mistakes when putting together your plan for how to find cougars you will be in great shape.