Why Older Women Choose to Date Younger Men

Posted by TopCougarsDatingSites.com | Mar 20, 2017

older women date younger menCougars are financially stable and mentally independent women in the 40+ age range looking to date younger men. Those older women choose to date younger men for a variety of reasons.

Some cougars began dating younger men by accident. They were asked to pitch for some online cougar dating sites for some reason and honest about everything when they completed their profile, include their age. Then they got a lot of response from younger men, so they had been very happily dating younger men ever since.

Some think it is about looks. Most younger men or cubs take great care of themselves and go to the gym to take physical exercise. These cougars are attracted by their neat figure and muscle.

Other cougars think it is about age difference. These cougars date younger men because they think men who are the same age as them don't approach them, and they are dating younger women as well or not looking commitments. Age also is a factor for cougars, keep full of youth so there is nothing about an older man they find attractive.

A common thought that cougar dating pops up when it comes to younger men dating cougars is that the relationship is strictly based on sex. Cougars are looking for younger men with a lot of energy. There are about 75 percent of the relationship between older women and younger men based on sex, while the other 25 percent included having fun with someone and exploring something new.

How about commitment on the age gap relationship? Actually, commitment is never a guarantee no matter the age of either party. It may take some risks for older women dating younger men, unless their younger boyfriend would like to eventually start a family. But they don't wish this factor stop her pursuits. The fact that there is no expectation between a cougar and a cub, the relationship is more open and stress free.

Cougars are confident and mature women, they have no shame in being seen in public with younger men, but they don't act completely immature. Anyway, older women choose to date younger men on cougar dating sites is the best way of cougar dating, join the best cougar dating site to date cubs.